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About Magzland

Snuggle in...I have many a tale to tell.

I took the plunge.  I've talked about this for years and years and finally leapt. Leaped? I'm sticking with leapt. Old school. Classic AND cool, like I fancy myself.

Magzland 2020 got a bit derailed, no doubt, as many plans did worldwide due to the 'rona pandemic, however, Magzland took a few more hits than most.  2020 was punctuated with the untimely loss of my husband in December, in the midst of Hanukkah, and just before the craze of Christmas.

I can only look at last year's series of unfortunate events as a wake up call - a call to action, as it were.  Time to stop talking and start doing, as clearly none of us really know how much time we have left on this side of the grass.

This age, too - says, I made it this far, I've got some experience under my belt, some wisdom from the trenches - a confidence that I didn't have just 12 months ago.  I've survived, and now it's time to thrive, even as I continue to grieve.  It will be my healing process, and you get a front row seat.

So explore as you may, hopefully you'll gain some new insight, perspective, maybe a vocabulary word or two.  There may be some conjecture here and there in these virtual layers, but you can count on realness.  No conspiracy theories, or fake news live here.  As my kids know well, and can repeat on cue, I do not say what I do not know. 

And if I don't know - I'll tell you, but you can be damn sure I'll find out.

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