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One Person's Weeds...

I go on walks in the Florida wilderness. I use wilderness broadly, as the preserves and parks I frequent are surrounded by civilization...keep walking and eventually you'll hit something. Many of the tracts are quite significant in size, and one could wander for hours before hearing the sounds of "progress", although occasionally a plane will fly overhead, but you'd have to be looking up to see it scratch the sky. I usually post photos of jaunts, old growth, new growth on reclaimed mining lands, to share the beauty of surroundings I am blessed to have so close by. And invariably someone, usually someone who has grown up in and among these lands, makes a comment that what I'm looking at is merely overgrown weeds.

My response typically is that one person's weeds is another one's garden. When those weeds are given room to breathe, to grow, to thrive, they truly can reach unimaginable heights and breadth.

I find I am drawn to outcroppings of them, whether out in the fields or woods, or in urban environments. They're so controlled in the suburbs (except on my lawn apparently) they can be difficult to find. They are usually simple. They tend lack the explosive colorations and scents of more cultured growth - the bougainvillea, the wisteria, the rose.

But they are strong. They are resourceful. They are intent on pushing through the cracks in the sidewalk. They have a will and find a way to exist in the most inhospitable of places without the doting hand of a human to protect them. And if the wind or the birds or a your shoes happen whisk them away to a place where they can take root unfettered, they will blossom.

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