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Tiara Time!

Yes. I wear a tiara every year on my birthday. Over the years they've changed some. Over the years the skin on my scalp has learned to tolerate the pain (yes, pain) of the crown. Over the years, it's become such a tradition that people reach out to check that I've remembered to put it on.

This is my day to give to me. Some years I do go to work, not necessarily working in a field that is my passion, but one that is important for a variety of reasons, at the time. Some years I treat myself to a pedicure or a blowout or even a massage. Some years it's been just another day - though since the advent of social media it's hard to just think of it as a regular day - and believe me, I'm not complaining about it. Regardless of how the day pans out - whether it's intimate or raucous, simple or complicated...I always put on my tiara. Most folks probably think that's not really about giving to myself - and I'm still working on remembering to do that again - but believe me, this simple act runs so much deeper than you could imagine.

Funny thing is, I'm still not sure if it just looks so natural on my head that most people don't comment on it, or if it gives the impression that I'm just a little too crazy to want to engage. Though I will add that the tiara does evoke different reactions regionally. When I lived in the northwest people constantly commented on it - and I'm not gonna lie, it brought in it's fair share of perks - a free coffee here, a bonus round there - you get the idea. But here in Florida? Well, it's Florida - and we don't question much down's all just another day.

You can giggle, roll your eyes, even snarfle or harumph at this thing that I do. Knock yourself out. But it's my thing and I'll be sticking to it for as long as I'm on this side of the grass. It makes me feel - all the feels, as it were - empoweredstrongconfidentbeautiful. And I invite you to do the same. It might make you feel what? We all need a little silly now and then. And if a girl can't sparkle on her birthday, then when?

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