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Just Call Me Aunt Yoda

I have a young nephew. He's super bright, very articulate, 10 years old and ready to rule the world. Succeeding in school comes easily...

It's Like I Fell Asleep On The Train

It's how I feel sometimes. A lot of the time, actually. If you've ever fallen asleep on a subway, or a commuter train, or a bus, you...

To See Us Dance

I had to give in. I had to trust. And it worked.

Simple Dog, Complicated Story Part 3

I've been dreading this part. When presented with a tragedy, people look for the lift - the tidy and sweet ending to that makes it all...

Simple Dog, Complicated Story Part 2

I've generally been a believer in listening to your gut. And the older I get, the more I believe in it. Though my 50 plus gut is...

Them Bones

Take off the headcover. Peel off the clothes. Under the skin, and muscle and sinew, wrapped in the vessels that carry our blood, you find...

The World's On Fire & I'm On Vacation

Alright, maybe not the entire world. But beyond the literal and the recent events of the Middle East, there's been as much metaphorical...

Are Those Trees In That Forest?

There's been some bad stuff going on in the world. If you're plugged in at all you know what an extraordinarily trite understatement that...

Sure. Expert? Why Not.

I used to think being an expert meant years (and I mean more like decades) of experience in any particu lar topic. Time in the trenches,...

The Pizza Was The Worst Part

I survived. I made it through the 10 days - albeit with some aches and pains (if you read my previous post - you heard about the bed),...

It's A Helluva Town

They say you can't go home again. And after so many decades trodding this planet, I finally really get it. If you've never left, that's...

Working On It

Coming to terms with me being my biggest hurdle...the beginning...

“There’s No Crying In Baseball”

I know, no matter what a lot of men say, that before I was born, my father was looking forward to a boy. It’s okay…I don’t hold it...

Nothing New & Very Unfinished

Sometimes I think the deepest fear we have Is that one day we will slip Silently away And no one will notice That we are gone. And that...

A World Without Elizabeth Windsor

Was she perfect? Of course not. Was she human? Very much so. Even though famous for her stiff upper lip, that stoicism served a purpose…bot

Same Steps, Different Story

I must have walked this path at least a thousand times over the years. While it still the same route, it is never the same journey.

The Books

I remember a moment in the days after he departed looking at the shelves and, for a moment, relishing in the idea of emptying so many of the

When Will It End?

What fear binds you so tightly to the cold steel of the gun? Are you really the hunter, the hero, that won't turn and run? Do you know...

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